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01: Welcome!

Welcome to seigaku_rating, the Seishun Gakuen rating community. :3 Anyway, here are the rules you must follow because it sucks not having rules... or well, it just sucks for rating communities to not have rules because we'll all look like n00bs what the heck.

[x] You must be a member to post, vote and get stamped.
[x] Please be respectful and treat everyone with courtesy and respect. (I sound like a teacher.) We don't want to have fights here with the other members and/or the mods. You'll be banned if you do so!
[x] This community is a rating community, not a claiming community or anything else like that. You can post anything Seigaku related though, just don't post anything like "OH MY GOSH I GOT STAMPED AS FUJI SHUUSUKE WE'RE SOULMATES *fangirl*". That's just stupid, yet entertaining at the same time. Anyway, just don't do that. It annoys the hell out of a lot of people.
[x] You can vote on other people even though you have not been stamped yet.
[x] When voting, please bold your votes! It will be easier to count that way.

02: Application!

[x] Please complete the form below and please be honest with your answers. Don't answer "Ponta" for your favourite food (even though it's a drink) just because you want to be stamped as Echizen Ryoma. It's not even real.
[x] Since there are only a handful of characters, please make your application detailed enough so that we can sort you out easily.
[x] You will be stamped after accumilating 5 or more votes.
[x] No re-apps please. Be sure you aren't caffeinated or sleepy when you do your application.
[x] To make sure you have read the rules, please put "Seigaku fight-o!" as the subject.

03: Stamps!

The following are the only characters you may be stamped as. More will be added as we see fit.

[x] Tezuka Kunimitsu
[x] Oishi Shuuichirou
[x] Fuji Shuusuke
[x] Kikumaru Eiji
[x] Inui Sadaharu
[x] Kawamura Takashi
[x] Kaidoh Kaoru
[x] Momoshiro Takeshi
[x] Echizen Ryoma
[x] Horio Satoshi
[x] Katsuo
[x] Kachirou
[x] Ryuuzaki Sakuno
[x] Osakada Tomoka
[x] We still do not have stamps yet though. Would someone like to make stamps for the community? :3

04: Et cetera!

[x] mienai_hoshi (Founder and Mod)
[x] nikkibyun (Co-mod)
[x] Seigaku regulars stamps were made by the uber-wonderful kyabitsu.
[x] Seigaku belongs to Takeshi Konomi (because everything belongs to him T_T)

05: Affliates!


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